News Coverage

Someone once asked me if I was the foie gras correspondent! And there is a little bit of truth to it. Being based in south west France over the years I have had a tendency to cover gastronomy, rugby and the aerospace industry. All three are of course huge in this region.

I work on a regular basis for the following BBC World News and World Service Radio, France 24, Reuters tv, IRB World Rugby tv and get requests from other broadcasters from time to time when something major occurs in my region. Recently broadcasters from Singapore, Australia and Malaysia asked for more insight on the missing MH 370 plane as wreckage was under investigation in Toulouse.

I work with very good camera crews and editors and can provide material rapidly for breaking news. However more often than not I provide feature news coverage in a region rich with so many stories to offer.

You can find a lot of my packages over the web but here are a few stories and links to others.

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