Local Government PR

Toulouse City Hall

As an international journalist based in Toulouse, I have been asked many times by the city communications team to cover stories happening in the urban area for their website and for their own promotional tour campaigns.

In the past this has taken the form of cultural reports looking at various concerts and festivals that occur in the city and providing standard voiced reports that are broadcast on the city’s various social media outlets.
Other times I have been commissioned to choose aspects of city live that I find interesting for an international audience and given a carte blanche to go ahead and file my own video reports

Here are links to a few of those reports

UK Foreign Office/UKTI

Naturally with budget cuts this activity had dwindled but in the past the British Foreign Office through their embassy in Paris have asked me to help promote the activities of the UK Government in France with filmed interviews and reports and make them available to French broadcasters.

United Kingdom Trade & investment (UKTI)

Helping the UKTI promote work of UK government in French media
Providing narrated ‘story telling’ video of opportunities for small UK businesses in France

See link: