Video News Releases


Airbus Group

Since April 2009

Video News Releases are a great way of providing broadcasters, tv, radio and online websites with material that is easy to use, and tailored-made to their needs.
I provide VNRS on behalf of Airbus to promote big events in the media. The subjects are wide ranging from innovations, new plane sale announcements or breaking news like VIP visits.
With my journalism background and understanding of what newsrooms require I advise Airbus on what stories will make news or be to its benefit to share with outside media. I work closely with the press department to get maximum coverage for those stories.

• VNRS are provided to broadcasters with a shot-sheet and guideline script
• which are essential tools if you want the media to use the material that is
• being provided.
• You can see some examples of my work here and on the Airbus/broadcast
• room website and Airbus Youtube